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Today EJ Bowman is a worldwide, ISO9001:2008 certified OEM manufacturer of Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers for industrial and commercial applications. Valuable experience gained in the arduous marine environment has enabled Bowman to build exceptionally reliable heat exchangers for land based duties including hydraulic oil systems, units for Co-generation / Combined Heat & Power (CHP), waste heat recovery applications, oil coolers for mining equipment and other areas where quality and reliability is paramount. 

Bowman occupies a purpose built factory ideally situated centrally in the heart of the UK, from where it directly exports over 70% of its production worldwide.

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Experience has shown us that there is rarely a need for purpose built Heat Exchangers; as such we have developed our own extensive range of standard Bowman designs, the majority of which can be supplied from our large stock facility.

Our policy of standardization which we follow for all our products ensures that our customers receive a renowned Quality Heat Exchanger / Oil Cooler of proven design and known characteristics at a competitive price.

Take a look at this website to find your Heating / Cooling requirements, or contact our Sales Department for more information or simply a discussion about how we may help and assist with your application requirements.

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Waste Heat Recovery Applications - using Bowman Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Cool Energy announced the successful demonstration of a breakthrough in converting wasted heat into electricity for commercial, industrial and military applications. This new waste heat recovery technology can dramatically boost the fuel efficiency of engines around the world, reducing fossil fuel use by 10% and helping globally in the fight against climate change and air pollution.  read article here

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