CHP Power generation

Taking technology to another level

In recent years there has been a surge in demand for independently generated power. Bowman works with leading genset manufacturers, helping them to improve the efficiency of their CHP products, by converting them from power generation to combined heat and power (CHP).

Adding a heat exchanger into the exhaust gas stream of an engine powered genset can transform its performance in terms of energy efficiency. A typical genset producing 35kWe of electrical power uses approximately 100kW of fuel energy. Consequently up to 65kW of energy is lost through wasted heat and mechanical losses generated by the engine but recover the heat lost from the exhaust and cooling systems and convert it to hot water – and you can generate another 60kW of energy.

With the addition of other heat exchangers, such as header tanks for the engine cooling system, oil coolers, charge air coolers and fuel coolers, a genset can achieve over 90% efficiency.

From 10kW to 1MW, we offer a complete range of product solutions that can compete with the latest condensing boiler technology in terms of energy generated against fuel used.