Cooling Hydraulic oil systems

Delivering the optimum cooling solutions for a changing world.

Cooling hydraulic systems is vital for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of plant, equipment and machinery. Inadequate cooling within the system is one of the most frequent causes of equipment failure, yet by introducing a high efficiency Bowman heat exchanger into the circuit, system cooling can be easily maintained, ensuring performance and reliability, whilst eliminating the potential for component damage or failure through overheating.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat exchangers and oil coolers, E J Bowman has extensive experience of providing total cooling solutions for a wide range of hydraulic equipment.

Crane using Bowman Hydraulic system.jpg

Our shell and tube heat exchangers are proven throughout the world, in some of the toughest, most demanding installations imaginable. These include marine and offshore industries, underground and open cast mining, power packs, off highway construction equipment, cranes and lifting systems, plus thrusters and stabilisers for marine propulsion systems.

All Bowman oil coolers are produced to ISO 9001 quality standards in our dedicated UK manufacturing centre and are fully supported with technical advice, a comprehensive replacement parts service plus a network of stockists worldwide.

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