Swimming, Spa and leisure pools

Look below the surface

The global market for domestic and commercial swimming and spa pools has created a growing need for high efficiency heat exchangers. With their combination of high performance and durability, Bowman products have become established as one of the world’s leading brands.

Getting water up to temperature quickly reduces energy demands, CO2 emissions and running costs, while also increasing pool availability time. Our heat exchangers are renowned for their extremely fast heat transfer – up to three times faster than many competitor products. The secret is the technology inside the unit, which is built to the same exacting standards as all Bowman products.

The benefit is in significantly lower energy costs both in terms of initial pool heat up, plus maintaining temperatures during pool usage.

The range covers titanium, stainless steel or cupro nickel units and heat outputs from 40kW to over 1000kW. For pool owners who want to use renewable energy sources, we also produce units for use with solar collectors, and heat pumps.