Emergency Fire Protection

System Heat Exchangers

You simply cannot afford to compromise on the quality of components in emergency fire protection systems. Quite literally, people’s lives could depend upon it!

When it comes to specifying heat exchangers to cool engines or gearboxes in these most challenging of emergency conditions, you can trust the Bowman brand.

Fire pump.png
Fire pump engine with Bowman heat exchangers

Tried and extensively proven throughout the world, in both land and marine based active fire protection systems, you can have complete confidence in the quality and efficiency of Bowman heat exchangers for your emergency fire pump set.

Bowman manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges available, which includes jacket water header tank heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, oil coolers, charge air coolers and fuel coolers.

FP HT heat exchanger.png
Bowman header tank heat exchanger fitted to fire pump engine

Bowman Heat Exchangers - at the heart of the most safety critical fire protection systems.

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Emergency Fire Protection leaflet

Emergency Fire Protection leaflet

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