Oil coolers - Solutions for the Mining Industry

Cooling hydraulic systems on mining plant and equipment is vital to ensure it operates safely and efficiently that's where Bowman Mining Oil Coolers come in.


All Bowman branded equipment incorporate both the best materials and the latest technical features, and have become world known as a high quality and reliable product.

Mining Oil Cooler Brass end covers
Mining Oil Cooler c-coat CI end covers
Mining Oil Cooler CI End Covers

Our mining oil coolers have many advantages including:

  • Robust cast shell in materials to suit
  • Upto 35 bar maximum tube side operating pressure depending on model
  • Variations in tubestack materials and construction to suit mine water conditions, including high salt content
  • Fully floating tube stacks which minimise thermal stresses and are removable for cleaning
  • SAE Hydraulic oil flange connections available on larger models
  • High heat exchange surface area to volume ratio resulting in high thermal efficiency
  • Suitable for harsh water environments
  • End covers can be supplied with C-Coat corrosion resistant coating suitable for salt water applications
  • Supplied to world leaders in the mining industry

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Mining Oil Coolers

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