New Bowman products 

Copper Free Plate Heat Exchangers.

Bowman Plate Fuel Cooler.png

These units are designed specifically for use with Ethanol based fuels and aggressive diesel based fuels. 


Plate Heat Exchangers have become the "Industry Standard" for Cooling and Heating fuel on Automotive Test Bed Engines.

Our products are some of the most widely used, proven and trusted on the market.

Other New Bowman products:- 

RK oil cooler 400 & 600 units now available

Bowman will be extending its range of hydraulic oil coolers with the launch of the new RK hydraulic oil cooler range which extends the maximum heat load capacity up to 1MW.

Bowman RK400-1698-6 Heat Exchanger.png

Type 15 exhaust gas heat exchanger as featured in WIP & UK Power News magazines July 2013

  • Bowman has extended its range of exhaust gas heat exchangers with a new type 15" diameter unit which is capable of recovering waste energy from engines rated in excess of 1 MW.
  • It is capable of recovering around 600kW of waste heat through the engine’s exhaust stream at an exhaust gas flow rate of 70kg/min.
  • When combined with Bowman’s other heat exchangers and coolers, the total amount of energy that could be recovered from an engine’s jacket water, engine oil, turbo charger air and exhaust gases could amount to over 1000kW of thermal energy – depending on engine size and power outputs.

Bowman 15 inch Gas Heat Exchanger copy.png