Bowman returned to Power-Gen Europe exhibition with exclusive previews of important new heat exchangers that are designed to help Gen-Set manufacturers achieve even greater levels of efficiency through waste heat recovery, improved fuel consumption and lower Co2 emissions.

As a leading brand in heat exchanger technology, Bowman units are already widely used throughout the independent power generation industry. However, these latest developments will see the company moving into the medium/larger sector of the Gen-Set market with the imminent introduction of a new, larger capacity Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger, plus the immediate launch of a new Charge Air Cooler.

At Power-Gen Europe 2012, Bowman gave visitors an exclusive preview of a new 15” diameter Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger that will be available later this year. Designed specifically to address market demands for a high efficiency unit for engines up to 1MW typical power, this new heat exchanger will be capable of recovering around 600kW of waste heat through the engine’s exhaust stream at an exhaust gas flow rate of 70kg/min. The new 15” diameter Heat Exchanger will be perfect for larger independent Gen-Set applications, where high levels of waste heat that would otherwise be lost to atmosphere, can be

recovered and used to provide hot water at no extra cost, in terms of fuel usage. When combined with Bowman’s other heat exchangers and coolers, the total amount of energy that could be recovered from an engine’s jacket water, engine oil, turbo charger air and exhaust gases could amount to over 1000kW of thermal energy – depending on engine size and power outputs - enabling Gen-Set manufacturers to offer highly efficient CHP solutions at reasonable cost.

Also launched at Power-Gen 2012 was the new PK-190 Charge Air Cooler. Developed as a direct result of the highly successful JK-190 unit, this new charge air cooler is designed for larger engines rated up to 800kW. Such has been the success of the smaller unit that Bowman has reacted quickly to market demands for a larger unit and has brought forward its Charge Air Cooler programme to develop their PK-190 in time for the exhibition.

‘We’ve been extremely pleased with the reaction to the JK-190 and the level of orders that followed its launch’ said Bowman’s sales manager, Jamie Pratt, ‘but what became immediately obvious was the demand for a larger unit. With the PK-190 we’ve addressed this demand, as it combines all the features and operational benefits of the JK series, with the capacity to handle significantly more power compared to the smaller JK-190’.

Throughout Power-Gen 2012, Bowman technical staff were on hand at the exhibition to advise customers about specific issues or requirements to ensure they achieve the maximum performance benefits when adding heat exchangers to their Gen-Sets or Co-generation equipment.

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