Bowman’s in-line heat exchangers become part of a new lubrication system used for developing turbochargers

Heat exchanger technology

Already used by the world’s leading automotive test houses and manufacturers, Bowman In-line Plate Heat Exchangers are now a key part of a new lubrication system dedicated to the development and testing of turbochargers. The unique design, durability and performance of the Bowman heat exchanger units made them the ideal solution for this demanding test application.

Developed by Belgian automotive testing specialist, DSi (Delta Services industriels), the TC-Lube test system allows for lubrication of turbochargers independently from the engine block. It also provides a very fast response, with programmable and accurate control of oil temperature, oil pressure and lubricant air content around the turbocharger. Having used Bowman products successfully in its testing equipment for some years, DSi turned to Bowman to provide a durable and reliable heat exchanger solution for the TC-Lube. 

Bowman stainless steel plate heat exchanger.png

During operation, the oil used to lubricate the turbocharger constantly circulates between the main tank and the Bowman heatexchangers used for heating up and cooling down the oil. Cooling is performed through a Bowman water/oil heatexchanger using coldwater circulated through a motorized valve. The repeated temperature cycling of the fluids is a key aspect of the test application and is required to ensure the equipment performs reliably under tough operating conditions.

DSi opted for Bowman standard stainless steel units, where the heat transfer plates, outer covers and connections are copper vacuum-brazed together to form an integral unit. However, Bowman also produces a fully brazed copper-free 316 stainless steel unit, which DSi is considering using on future TC-Lube products. This copper-free version provides even greater levels of durability for applications where extremes of operational temperature are encountered, while a further significant feature is its suitability for use in ethanol fuel testing.

TC-Lube test system.png

As well as durability and reliability, the unique in-line structure of the Bowman heat exchangers offered another major benefit to the compact TC-Lube design. Unlike other brazed plate heat exchangers, Bowman units have a unique internal flow arrangement,
which enables the inlet and outlet connections to be axially in-line. With both inlet and outlet ports situated adjacent to each other, the unit fits simply and neatly into the existing fluid stream– resulting in a very compact and neat arrangement within the TC-Lube system. 

High product quality and operational reliability are key issues when automotive companies and test house sare choosing equipment solutions for their test facilities. Time and again, Bowman provides them with the most comprehensive product solution, both in terms of range availability and manufacturing quality. 

Bowman offers a full range of heat exchangers for every engine test house requirement, including charge air coolers, hydraulic oil coolers, exhaust gas heat exchangers, fuelcoolers, header tank heat exchangers and stainless steel heat exchangers. Every product is backed by expert technical advice, product support and rapid delivery from its UK headquarters.
Page 128 - SEPTEMBER 2014 Issue