Bowman introduces Titanium tubestacks across complete heat exchanger range.

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Bowman announce new Titanium tubestacks across its complete swimming pool heat exchanger range, plus new Corrosion Resistant End Covers for its larger units (see below), giving pool owners the benefits of even greater corrosion protection performance.

Bowman introduces Titanium tubestacks across complete heat exchanger range

Heat exchangers can often be an overlooked part of a swimming pool installation - but their function and performance is as important as any other element of the complex. Located within a pool’s pipe work system, heat exchangers are often hidden away out of sight (and out of mind) – which is precisely why Bowman introduced the option of Titanium tubestacks for their smaller heat exchangers some time ago.

The 'fit and forget' nature of the Titanium units is ideal for swimming pool installations. Plus, with the cost of a typical heat exchanger being just a fraction of the overall pool outlay, it makes economic sense to fit a premium quality product that will last for years, without requiring maintenance other than routine inspection.

The smaller sized Titanium tube stacks have been such a success with pool designers and operators that Bowman is now offering them across its complete range of swimming pool heat exchangers.

So what is the secret of Titanium's success? Longevity for starters. Each Bowman Titanium tubestack comes with a full 10 year guarantee (as opposed to 1 year for cupro-nickel or stainless steel). The units will literally last for decades and once fitted, they can be forgotten. What’s more, Titanium can be used with any type of pool and is impervious to corrosion attack from aggressive chemicals.

There is another, little known bonus of Titanium tube stacks. Because they allow a higher velocity through the tubes, they provide better heat transfer than other materials and are therefore more efficient. This translates into better value for money as, in some cases, a smaller Titanium heat exchanger can be used than would be needed with units made from other materials.

Bowman offer a range of heat exchangers suitable for every size of pool, from domestic leisure pools right up to Olympic sized pools. Now, pool owners who require Bowman's larger sized heat exchangers, can also benefit from the enhanced performance and longevity of Titanium tube stacks.

Bowman C Coat End Covers.png

New corrosion resistant end covers from Bowman

Bowman has also announced an important new development that brings new levels of corrosion protection to its larger swimming pool heat exchanger range, whilst significantly reducing the risk of galvanic reaction.

Traditionally, gunmetal has been the material of choice for the end covers of Bowman's larger heat exchanger range, but in certain applications, galvanic reaction created by pool water flowing over dissimilar metals, has created premature erosion in cupro-nickel and stainless steel tubestacks.

To address this issue, Bowman has developed 'C' Coat end covers, which are both completely impervious to attack from aggressive chemicals or seawater and also eliminate completely the potential for galvanic reaction between the tube stack and end covers. 

Bowman will be presenting this revolutionary new product on stand number C37 at SPATEX 2015 and will be immediately changing from gunmetal to new 'C' Coat end covers on all their larger swimming pool heat exchanger units.