Affordable power for the Canadian North

Bowman heat exchangers are a key part of a cogeneration system which has halved electricity costs in a remote Canadian community...
..and could transform power generation across the whole region. Bowman Charge Air and Exhaust Gas heat exchangers have been installed in an upgraded cogeneration system which brings vital power and heat to Fort Providence in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This small hamlet of about 800 people is situated on the MacKenzie River,2,000km north of the Canada USA border, reports UKPN.

Bowman Co-generation Canada.PNG

In 24 of 32 communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories, electricity is produced using diesel generators. The commercial rate per kilowatt hour ranges between $0.51 and $0.61 CDN, which is four or five times the utility rates in southern Canada. Diesel has to be trucked or sea-lifted long distances from the south, hence the high cost of power. 
At the heart of Fort Providence is the Snowshoe Inn (SSI) which provides much of the local community's commercial and retail facilities. SSI had previously used a co-generation diesel power plant to provide all required off grid electricity and heat for its operations,comprising two diesel generators(120kW/208v) for power, with waste heat captured from the cooling water and the exhaust gases for heating.

The installation in Fort Providence is just one example of Bowman heat exchangers proving their worth in some of the toughest environments on the planet. Bowman units are reducing energy costs and carbon emissions from the Outback to Antarctica.

“The Bowman units are performing extremely well, with at least a 60% gain in heat capture due to the massive improvement in efficiency,” says Jeff Philipp.

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