Bowman Product Bulletin

'C' Coat 300 End Covers launched

As part of our ongoing product development programme, Bowman has introduced an important new development - ‘C’ Coat 300 end covers - for a number of its heat exchangers and hydraulic oil coolers
C Coat End Covers 2.png

‘C’ Coat 300 is a heavy fusion bonded epoxy coating that is impervious to chemical or sea water attack and provides enhanced corrosion resistance, due to the incorporation of a zinc rich primer. It is incredibly tough and has been developed for use in both sea water and fresh water applications, where aggressive minerals or chemicals may be present. For these applications, ‘C’ Coat 300 provides a highly durable solution that also helps remove the risk of galvanic reaction between dissimilar materials – often the cause of corrosion within a heat exchanger.

‘C’ Coat 300 has been developed in conjunction with one of the world’s most knowledgeable engineered surface coatings specialists who’s experience includes the Aerospace, Chemical, Defence, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.

‘C’ Coat 300 end covers are supplied as standard on the FG, GL, JK and PK ranges of swimming pool heat exchangers.

Additionally, ‘C’ Coat 300 end covers are available as an alternative to Naval Brass on the GL, GK, JK, PK, RK, GH plus JH and PH (3 pass and 1 pass) ranges of marine heat exchangers and oil coolers

A more detailed Product Bulletin is available and can be downloaded from here.