Composite End Cover introduced

As part of our ongoing development programme, Bowman has introduced an important new development – Composite End Covers - for a number of heat exchangers and hydraulic oil coolers.

Composite End Cover.PNG

Composites are now firmly established as a high performance solution for many production components throughout industry and at Bowman we have been developing an engineered composite product solution for applications where our heat exchangers are used with an aggressive cooling medium, such as sea water, or mineral rich fresh water.

In such applications, historically Brass or Gunmetal have been used for the end covers of our units and, whilst these materials perform to a high standard, in certain conditions, the problem of galvanic reaction between dissimilar materials can lead to corrosion within the heat exchanger. Additionally, Brass and Gunmetal are both premium priced materials which can prove to be an obstacle for certain customers.

Our new Composite End Covers are a ground breaking development in that they combine the original performance and durability of our traditional metallic end covers, with lighter weight and a more cost effective pricing structure.

Bowman is introducing Composite end covers on a rolling change basis to all 3 pass marine specification heat exchangers. Our FC, FG, FH 100 and FH 200 ranges are the first heat exchangers to benefit from this new development, with other ranges following on at future dates to be advised later.

A more detailed Product Bulletin is available and can be downloaded here.