New Energy Saving Heating Solution for Hot Tubs

The growth in hot tub sales has been meteoric in the UK. Traditionally heated electrically, many users find that energy costs are high and heat up times quite slow, limiting their usability.


However, a new heat exchanger, developed by E J Bowman, could provide the solution that addresses these problems. Known as the EC80 shown above, it enables hot tubs to be heated via a domestic or commercial heating system, dramatically reducing energy costs. And with up to 25kW of heat transfer capability, hot tubs can be heated in a fraction of the time taken by electric heaters.

At the heart of the EC80 is an immensely durable titanium tubestack, which resists chemical attack indefinitely and has a 10 year guarantee on all titanium in contact with pool water. At just 368mm overall length, it is so compact it can be fitted virtually anywhere. The EC80 is also available with either a stainless Steel, or Cupro-nickel tubestack.

Bowman heat exchangers are already proven in commercial hot tub applications - 24 units were recently converted from electric to Biomass heating, providing energy cost savings of £12,000.00 per year. Additionally, the hot tubs now take just 2-3 hours to reach temperature, compared with up to 24 hours previously – a significant factor when servicing the tubs prior to guest changeovers!

‘’We believe the new EC80 unit is big news for the UK hot tub market, enabling installers to offer a significantly more energy efficient heating solution to their customers.’’ said Bowman’s Sales Manager, Tony Carter.

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As seen in
Pool & Spa Scene – February 2016 issue – Energy Efficiency feature