Bowman - Still part of Halley VI's big move in Antarctica

Bowman heat exchangers have been helping to provide life sustaining heat,power and water at the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) new Halley VI research station since it opened in 2013.

Halley Second construction with the Bristish Antartic Survey.jpg

Bowman heat exchangers are a vital part of the station’s combined heat and power system (CHP) which supplies all its energy requirements for space heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and electrical power. Without heat andpower, the residents of Halley VI could simply not survive.

Earlier in 2015, the BAS demonstrated its continuing confidence in Bowman heat exchangers by ordering six new Bowman Exhaust Gas units for Halley VI. 

Halley VI has recently been featured on the BBC News website, go to page to read the story.