Fishing Industry Coolers

Bowman has supplied the highest quality Heat Exchangers & Oil Coolers for workboat applications for the last 90 years and continues to be a leading supplier into original equipment manufacturers today.

Bowan manufacture Header Tank Heat Exchangers to cool engine jacket water and a range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers that are used to transfer heat from engine and transmission oil, fuel and turbo charged air.

Other propulsion related equipment including steering gear and thrusters could be fitted with Bowman Oil Coolers, and the company also provides Heat Exchangers for cooling engines or transmissions that are used to drive fire protection equipment.

Deck Machinery Equipment such as winches, cranes and many other hydraulically driven equipment is cooled with the highly efficient Bowman Hydraulic Oil Coolers that are suitable for transferring heat with freshwater or sea water.

Bowman Industry Coolers are also used extensively on process and refrigeration equipment in the Fishing Industry. Bowman has  introduced a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for maintaining ideal temperatures in pools that are used within both the Aquaculture & Fish Farming Industries.

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