Hydraulic Thruster and Stabiliser Cooling

Bowman has been synonymous with hydraulic cooling for over 90 years. Renowned for providing highly efficient, reliable heat transfer solutions for the marine industry, Our heat exchangers are already proven for cooling marine engines and transmissions, plus hydraulic deck equipment across a wide range of applications and operational duties.

Bow Trusters.png
  View of ship Bow Thrusters.

Now, Bowman cooling technology is at the heart of the latest hydraulic control equipment for thruster propulsion, stabilisers and vessel roll reduction systems. Increasingly specified for installation within the control systems power pack, Bowman hydraulic coolers are used to keep oil temperature within the required operating parameters, ensuring reliable control and operation of bow and stern thrusters, as well as gyro and fin stabilisers.

All Bowman hydraulic oil coolers are produced in the UK at our dedicated manufacturing centre and are ISO9001 accredited. Most models are available from stock and are fully supported with technical and application advice, a comprehensive replacement parts service and a network of stockists worldwide.

Bowman Heat Exchangers - Delivering the optimum hydraulic cooling solutions

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Thruster and Stabiliser Cooling

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